Celebrity PR dying? I wish…

Interesting post on the Bristol Editor blog today suggesting the Celebrity PR could be a dying breed.

In his ‘musings from a media maverick’, Bristol Editor suggests the fact everyone knows its spin could consign celebs to the Red Tops:

The client knows its spin.

The Press regurgitates the spin.

The readerships know its spin.

So, where is the value? Is it just to raise newspaper and magazine sales, whilst giving the celebrity and Max a cosy pay packet? My main point is – where is the ACTUAL value to the reader? Do they accept they’re reading a piece of reputation management, without substance, and in some cases, any style, either?

While we can only hope this is right, as far as The Blog can see the cult of celebrity seems to be on the up and up; as shown by the Tabloid and Broadsheet coverage of the John Terry and Ashley Cole sex scandals.

Indeed, as the excellent Grey Cardigan shows, the so-called serious papers seem to have taken a ‘vowel’ to publish more celebrity guff.

With thanks to: Bristol Editor

State of Play: An optomistic pick-me-up for real journalism


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