Subs anyone?

The necessity of subs is a regular topic of debate these days, with cost cutting managers seemingly intent on hacking away at the numbers of those who guard our news pages.
The Blog is happy to point out it is firmly in favour of the maintenance of these much maligned, usually prickly but ultimately vital beasts.
Why? We could talk about their preservation and protection of the English language, their important knowledge of the most thorny of legal issues and their unnerving ability to bawl out the cocky junior whose been getting on your nerves.
Or we could just let this abortion of a story from the Daily Mirror website talk for us.
We would be willing to bet large sums of money it wasn’t subbed.
It’s been updated now, but here is how the original looked, as exposed by that doyan of the subbing fraternity The Grey Cardigan.

What a load of carp (sic)…

Reverential hat tip: The Grey Cardigan

State of Play: Put it out of it’s misery please

NB: As with all posts critical of the standard of English in a story this post courts the danger that it is itself full of errors. As such The Blog awaits your corrections with baited breath.
Our only defence? This post wasn’t subbed either.


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