Press Awards shame – part two

Those overly expensive awards nights on which the newspaper industry gorged itself in previous years have taken further hits.

Earlier this month The Blog commented on how impoverished regional bosses couldn’t afford to take part in the Regional Press Awards, forcing them to be scrapped for 2010.

Now more of these lavish bashes, which after all do nothing more than celebrate the achievements of those insignificant little people who lovingly write and produce the regional press, have been axed.

The latest to go are the Newspaper Society’s three annual awards: The Circulation, Editorial and Promotions Awards, which aim to reward the best journalists and newspapers as well as circulation and advertising initiatives, the prestigious Weekly Newspaper Awards and the Advertising and Digital Media Awards.

The awards were withdrawn last year due to poor trading conditions and this week the Newspaper Society revealed it wouldn’t be going ahead in 2010 either.

It’s no surprise really with entry fees for such events costing £39 per journo and ticket prices for the Regional Press Awards ceremony costing around £130 each. Just think how many estate agents you could wine and dine with that amount of money?

With neither competition running it seems there will be no national recognition for the top journalists in the country – but at least the starving shareholders will still have their custards creams.

Sources: Press Gazette, HoldtheFrontPage

State of Play: Unloved and uncared for II


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