JP’s new website receives less than critical acclaim

The roll-out of Johnston Press’s new look website continued this week with the Peterborough Evening Telegraph launching the site – to less than critical acclaim.
The ET team’s brave decision to post a ‘What do you think of our new website?’ story has come back with a somewhat unflattering response.
The site has been criticised as ‘very grey,’ hard to read and navigate and containing very little in actual news content.

Other critical comments include: ‘A lot of wasted space down the sides – could be used to make sport more noticeable’.

‘Thoroughly underwhelmed. What was wrong with black and white ? The new colour style makes it difficult to read and people with poor eyesight will really be struggling. First impressions – unimpressed’.

and… ‘Not as good as old one,colour too dull,more difficult to find items’.

And digital experts within JP this week told The Blog that they had not even been consulted on the new look.
Considering readers and editors weren’t either it is perhaps no surprise the site has been slammed.
One insider even told The Blog: “Why go for grey, what is wrong with black?
“The colours at the moment are not even legal. A partially sighted person couldn’t read the text.
“The site is breaking disability rules.”
But despite the criticism and some obvious faults The Blog believes the new look is an improvement on what came before.
Yes, the comments from readers are valid and yes, the grey is awful but surely anything is better than the overcrowded, confusing and boring existing look.
The new site makes the age old mistake of trying to look like a newspaper and in doing so misses the opportunity to integrate tools such as Twitter feeds or Google maps.
But it is cleaner and contains more photographs than the previous incarnation, and – in The Blog’s opinion – is easier to navigate.
The site is due to be rolled out across more JP centres over the next couple of months.
The Blog would be interested to know what people think…


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