Greenslade savages ATEX and JP

Yesterday The Blog asked the question, is the strike action threatened by Johnston Press journalists the result of an aversion to change or a fight to preserve quality.
Media commentator Roy Greenslade made his thoughts on the subject pretty clear in a blog post on Friday.
Mr Greenslade, hardly a Luddite, blasted JP bosses over the way the system has been introduced.
Calling the company ‘ham-fisted’ he wrote: ‘Johnston’s axe has been dripping with blood for a long time and the remaining staff are now alarmed about whether – should the ATEX system result in further cuts – their papers can provide a proper public service to readers’.
He sites the account of a source at the group’s Edinburgh Evening News who said that at a meeting on Thursday the head of training told sub-editors they would no longer be required, before adding: “Let’s face it, reporters can write better headlines anyway.”
Mr Greenslade then dissects ATEX’s own website blurb; ‘behind the gobbledegook, it is clear that ‘content’ is not a substitue for ‘journalism’. The system is simply about enabling reporters to do the jobs of reporting and sub-editing’.
He added: ‘To cast them (sub-editors) aside is a foolish, penny-pinching move that will inevitably affect the quality of what ATEX would doubtless call ‘the product’.’


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