Jon Slattery: an apology

In a recent post about the Newspaper Society’s latest survey, The Blog suggested that Jon Slattery ‘regurgitated’ the society’s view.

Yesterday we received the following comment from Mr Slattery, which we include here in full:

Regurgitated? I don’t think so…

NS release intro: “Eighty-five per cent of local newspaper readers in Britain say it is important that their local paper keeps them informed about local council issues, a national study by TNS-RI Omnibus has revealed.”

My intro: “Regional TV news (40 per cent) and local newspapers (36 per cent) are the top two sources of information trusted to provide unbiased information about the local council or other local public bodies, according to a poll commissioned by the Newspaper Society to mark the start of Local Newspaper Week.”

This actually comes from the ninth par of the NS release. It struck me as interesting that regional tv did so well – better than the local press – in a survey commission by, er, the local press.

The Blog deals out criticism on a regular basis, but we also believe in a mantra that seems to have been forgotten by many in modern media – if you get something wrong, correct it.

Clearly, Mr Slattery – who is, in fact, one of our favourite media commentators and whose blog we regularly ‘regurgitate’ here – did not simply churn the society’s press release onto his blog as we suggested.

So, Jon, please accept our apology.


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One response to “Jon Slattery: an apology

  1. Apology accepted
    State of play: Humbled
    PS: Like your blog. Very good on what’s happening at Johnston Press.

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