ATEX responsible for headline gaff

A senior source inside Johnston Press has today confirmed to The Blog that the now infamous ‘headline headghgh’ gaff was down to an ATEX error.

The source, who does not want to be named for obvious reasons, said the front page of the Bedfordshire Times & Citizen’s mid-Bedfordshire edition was sent off with the correct headline in tact, but that somewhere along the line it reverted to an old version with the changes to both the headline and strapline being lost.

That meant the front page appeared with a templated version reading ‘headline headghgh’ and a strapline saying ‘Strapline for main story like this if needed’.

The debacle, according to our source, has drawn the attention of bosses in Edinburgh, including chief executive John Fry. Questions are now being asked as to why the error was not picked up at the printers in Portsmouth where around 17,000 copies were printed before the presses were stopped.

It is also rumoured that IT experts are to be sent to every centre around the country to make sure the system is being implemented correctly.

It is the latest in a string of controversial ATEX errors, including 12 pictures in a rogues gallery on the front page of the Sheffield Star being blown. Journalists across the group voted for strike action, but the company was granted an injunction preventing it taking place.

The ‘headline headghgh’ front page has been blogged and appeared on Twitter all around the world, with the latest gag seeing t-shirts developed baring the headline and strapline.

State of Play: Someone put this system out of its misery


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