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Wilmington loses awards

The British Press Awards will be run by the Newspaper Publishers Association in future.

The move means previous organiser, the Wilmington Group, has lost control of two sets of awards this year.

It follows the successful Regional Press Awards night – run by the NUJ after Wilmington decided not to go ahead with them.

The Newspaper Publishers Association will take control of the British Press Awards from next year.

It has asked the Society of Editors to organise the awards.

The NPA said: “The plan is to provide an editorial and journalism awards scheme for national newspapers in the UK that is independent of any one newspaper, fair and cost-effective, with proceeds retained within the industry.

“It is intended that the awards will generate a surplus which will be retained within the newspaper industry helping to fund campaigning by the Society of Editors on behalf of the media and to support the Journalists’ Charity.”

Earlier the Regional Press Awards proved to be a major success with NUJ general secretary Jeremy Dear saying: “We hope the industry itself will recognise local and regional journalists. If it doesn’t we will consider running these awards again.

“We think it is vital to recognise the hard work you all do.”

State of Play: Wilmington belittled the awards and the journalists who picked them up, so good riddance to bad rubbish


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Shame of Regional Awards snub

So the 2010 Regional Press Awards has been scrapped.
And reading between the lines it’s because media groups don’t want to spend any of their precious cash on recognising their journalists.
The Wilmington Group, which maintained the rights to the awards after it sold Press Gazette, said they had been ditched after it held talks with key members of the regional newspaper industry.
Event director Doug Marshall said newspaper publishers “felt in the current climate they were unable to commit to entering the awards.”
In other words ‘we’re not spending money celebrating our staff while our bottom line is falling.’
The Blog has to ask how much would it really cost to put together entries for those staff who have gone the extra mile?
OK, so times are hard, but companies are still making profits, even if greatly reduced.
Archant announced £15m operating profits yesterday, while Trinity Mirror’s latest figures showed a £35m profit and even cash strapped Johnston Press must have some money available after its new ATEX system allowed it to hack away at the subbing department.
Is it really too much to ask for some spare change to pay for reporters to enter an awards event.
Or would that mean one less biscuit for the shareholders?

State of Play: Unloved and uncared for

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